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IT Virtualization

Want to learn how you can reduce your IT costs ROI by 30%… IT Virtualization is Here.

How to reduce you IT costs is on all IT managers, CTO’s minds today. With the global recession affect everyone, we all start to look at how we can reduce our IT costs. There are many ways that we can try and save money on IT, with most Corporates, the IT department is always the first department to cut costs. With Virtualisation we can reduce your Total cost of ownership by 30% in three years.

Here are some of the IT pains that some IT departments go through:

Simpifying and reduce application management costs / Support application upgrades and rollouts / Deliver secure access to apps and data for Branch Offices and remote workers

 A.  Simplify and Reduce application management costs:

Traditional application management, support and updates can be time-consuming and costly. With XenApp, IT can centralize all windows applications and simplify their delivery and management.

  • Reduce the amount of regression testing needed for applications and updates
  • Reduce labour costs associated with application installation / change management
  • Reduce the time and cost associated with rollouts or upgrade of new applications and operating systems
  • Deliver any application to any device platform without costly redevelopment

B.    Support application upgrades and rollouts

Today more than ever, businesses depend on applications. Estimated to be in use by over one million apps in production, Virtualisation offers extensive support for client-server, web-based, 32-bit and 64bit windows and unix application.

  • Deliver business-critical applications to any user, location or device
  • Accelerate time-to-value of new applications with simplified testing, updates and rollouts of enterprise applications
  • Run applications in isolated environments to prevent application conflicts
  • Centrally control and configure users and groups that can access each application

C.    Deliver secure access to apps and data for Branch Offices and Teleworkers:

Organizations often have employees, contractors, consultants and vendors that work in branch offices, offshore locations or at home and need controlled access to corporate information and applications. Virtualisation provides fast, secure and reliable on-demand application access to all users, location and devices.

  • Applications are centrally managed
  •  Data remains in Datacenter
  • Extend authorized use to employees, outsourcers, customers and partner
  • Provide remote access to corporate applications and data

With Virtualization it can make a Difference for Businesses, IT Administrator and Users in the following way:

A      For Businesses

  • Best application TCO with savings of up to 50%
  • Increased agility and responsiveness
  • Inherently secure architecture for delivering applications
  • Improved data protection and regulatory compliance
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Greater scalability/pathway for growth

B     For IT Administrators

  • Simplified and centralized application administration and maintenance
  • Faster, single-instance implementation of new applications
  • Secure, scenario-based application access
  • Proactive performance monitoring and repaid response and resolution
  • Successful facilitation of SLA goals with more than 99.999% compatibility
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