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Top 6 Overlooked Web Design Tips to Maximize Effectiveness

The last decade has seen a splurge of business websites and e-commerce solutions. The profitability of having an online presence is dawning upon small businesses, and all want a slice of the pie. However, designing and launching a website is easier said than done. You need to find the top overlooked web design tips to improve your online presence. The internet is a huge marketplace and competition is fierce. You cannot afford to follow a hit-and-trial strategy to succeed.

Professional website designers help businesses design a website that is aligned to their needs and goals, attracts customers, and increases revenue. Partner with a reputed and preferably referred website designer to avoid scams. Learn about websites and their promotion to maximize this business opportunity. Here are a few tips to guide you:

No counters please

Some website designs include counters that display the number of visits to the website. It is perhaps displayed to prove the website’s popularity. However, on a business website, this self-aggrandizement looks amateurish and unprofessional. What’s more, it works against you if your website is relatively new.

More value, less flash

Glittering images and attractive pictures are good but serious customers will not be swayed by them. It is only the value of your products and services that will keep customers coming. The content of the website should be compelling – describing benefits to customers. Too many images take attention away from the content and also slow down the performance of your website.

Meaningful page titles

When customers search for products and services on the internet, they get a list of websites with page titles. If your page title is meaningless and does not convey the context of the web page, it is unlikely that customers will click on it. Make sure titles of pages are relevant to the content, include keywords and are not longer than 60 characters.

Avoid unethical SEO tactics

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) employs accepted tactics that increase the page ranking of websites in natural searches. This is achieved through the effective placement of keywords, cross-linking, registration on website directories, etc. However, some unethical website designers and SEO experts use underhand strategies to acquire high page ranks. Search engines have the intelligence to detect such attempts and penalize the website by blackballing it. Don’t ever take this risk as it is almost impossible to correct this mistake. Make sure your website designer concurs with this rule.

Include a blog

Many businesses today use blogs to interact with customers and address issues and concerns related to their products and services. This strategy helps build strong customer relationships and a customer-friendly brand image. Blogs should be updated regularly, preferably on a daily basis. Customers are more likely to participate in an active blog rather than one that was updated a month back.

Remove introductory advertisements

Customers are coming to your website by choice. If you try to keep their attention forcibly by displaying an introductory advertisement they cannot avoid, they may resent it. Instead, direct the customer’s attention to relevant content and they’ll thank you for saving their time and browse your website in a favorable state of mind.

A website, like any marketing piece, should have all the elements that attract and keep a customer’s attention. Take time in planning your website design. Always keep the customer’s perspective in mind and they will reward you with repeat visits, referrals and sale conversions.

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